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How do I scale my database resources?

FeatureBase Serverless databases allow you to scale your database RAM and CPU resources when required and without needing to spin the database down.

FeatureBase Serverless databases are in Cloud Preview with limited functionality and are not suitable for production systems.

You can also create a database with fixed resources

Before you start

What are the benefits of Serverless databases?

Scaling the database with Workers

A Serverless database can be scaled up or down using the ALTER DATABASE statement to add or remove Workers from the database.

A worker has the following attributes:

Attribute Description Additional information
Resources 2GB of memory and 1x vCPU 0 to 8 workers can be assigned to any Serverless database
Purpose Handle computation and transpiling of queries and data  

Workers can be granted or revoked:

  • without losing data
  • without the need to spin the database down

Database storage

Serverless Databases have storage with 11 nines of durability, plus:

  • higher availability and durability for your data
  • Redundant storage across multiple locations (highly available to Workers)

What are the limitations of Serverless databases?

SQL limitations

Limitation Supported? Additional information
SELECT…GROUP BY clause Not supported for IDSET or STRINGSET data types * IDSET() data type
* STRINGSET() data type
SELECT…HAVING clause Not supported  
SELECT…TOP clause Not supported  
SELECT…LIMIT clause Not supported LIMIT can be used with FROM and GROUP BY clauses
IDSETQ() data type Not supported  
STRINGSETQ() data type Not supported  

PQL limitations

Limitation Supported?
PQL Percentile Not supported

Database backup and recovery limitations

Serverless databases do not support:

  • Database snapshotting
  • Database restore from backup

How are Serverless databases priced?

Compute and storage usage is charged separately based on usage.

How do I create a Serverless database?

Where do I find information on my database?

How do I alter and scale a Serverless database?

How do I delete a Serverless database?