Data Directory Structure

In FeatureBase version 3.x, the data directory structure was updated to account for the new implementation of roaring B-tree format and etcd being used to manage key/value store.

In general, the FeatureBase team would like to discourage reliance on any particular details of the directory structure.

FeatureBase v3.x:

$ tree -d -L 3 .pilosa/
├── disco
│   └── member
│       ├── snap
│       └── wal
└── indexes
    ├── bank
    │   ├── _keys
    │   ├── backends
    │   └── fields
    ├── dell
    │   ├── backends
    │   └── fields
    └── dell2
        ├── backends
        └── fields
  • disco directory is used to store etcd data.
  • idalloc.db stores tracking information for any indexes that are using the ID auto-generation functionality provided in some ingesters.
  • indexes is the main data directory containing a subdirectory for each table in FeatureBase.
    • If index is using string keys, then there will be a _keys directory, which contains a translation file for each partition this node is responsible for.
    • The fields subdirectory encodes some metadata about the fields which exist. It also contains key translation files for the fields using key translation.
    • The backends subdirectory contains the actual bitmap data.
  • startup.log contains the FeatureBase versions that has been run for this data directory.
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