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⚠ WARNING: This page contains information that only applies to FeatureBase Cloud. Additionally, this page represents a work in progress that is subject to frequent changes.

How long does my trial last?

The trial lasts 21 days. After 21 days, all resources in your environment will be spun down. You will still be able to log in but won’t be able to create any resources. Please contact FeatureBase Support at to extend your trial

What can I do during my trial?

You can run sub-second queries across a BILLION records by going here

You can try streaming data and eventually add your data by going here

Why am I getting an error saying “Network Error”?

This is a query-related error resulting from hitting our safety boundaries in the trial. We limit queries to 30 seconds of execution time and/or 6MB of data returned.

Why am I getting an error saying my “…limit has been reached” when trying to create resources?

The trial only allows you to have one database and one data source at a time. This will be increased when you decide to purchase FeatureBase. If you’d like to create a new data source during the trial, you must first delete the one you already have.


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