How do I add a column to an existing table in FeatureBase Cloud?

NOTE: You can also use a SQL-Preview Create Table statement

Before you begin

Column data types and constraints

Naming standard

FeatureBase object names must start with an alphabetic character, and include:

  • lower-case alphabetic characters
  • numbers 0-9
  • dash (-) and underscore (_) characters

  • column names can be up to 64 characters in length

Add a column to a table

NOTE: Table columns cannot be edited once created.

  • Click Databases then the database that contains the table.
  • Click Tables if it is not already selected.
  • Click the table name.
  • Click Columns > Add column.
  • Enter a name for the column
  • Choose the data type and enter values for the constraints if available.
  • Click Add column

Further information

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