Databases Overview

⚠ WARNING: This page contains information that only applies to FeatureBase Cloud. Additionally, this page represents a work in progress that is subject to frequent changes.

Databases are clusters of FeatureBase nodes. All of your data will live in tables within FeatureBase. They are dedicated resources for your data that you can load to and query against, and like common databases, you can only join tables that exist in the same database.

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NOTE: These options may not be available for some organizations. Contact FeatureBase Support for help

Production shapes

Production database shapes are over-provisioned on disk space and memory to ensure performance, and has data replicated should a node ever go down.

Database Shape Database Memory (GB)
16GB 16
32GB 32
64GB 64
128GB 128
256GB 256
512GB 512
1024GB 1024
2048GB 2048

Development shapes

These shapes are intended for development and testing.

Database Shape Database Memory (GB)
8GB-Development 8
64GB-Development 64

Database states

Database states are represented by status in the FeatureBase application and API.

Status Description
CREATING The state of provisioning the hardware, installing software, and everything else in order to create a FeatureBase database.This will generally transition into RUNNING state.
RUNNING The healthy state of a database that is ready to use.
UPDATING The state of a database when an update is being applied. This might occur when hardware is being updated, software is being patched, etc.
DELETING The state when a database is being deleted and hardware is being spun down. This will generally transition into DELETED state.
DELETED The state of a database that has been successfully deleted.
FAILED The state of a database when something goes wrong. This can occur for a variety of reasons. If you see this state and the database is ok to delete, feel free to do so. Contact FeatureBase Support if you have any questions.

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