Cloud Introduction

⚠ WARNING: This page contains information that only applies to FeatureBase Cloud. Additionally, this page represents a work in progress that is subject to frequent changes.

FeatureBase Cloud is fully managed and intended for users that don’t want to have to operate and maintain the underlying hardware for FeatureBase. Our Cloud solution takes what makes FeatureBase amazing and makes it even easier to provision and operate in order to get value from your data faster.

FeatureBase Overview

FeatureBase is a feature-oriented database platform that powers real-time analytics and machine learning applications by executing low-latency, high-throughput, and highly concurrent workloads. Similar to the evolution of data formats from row-oriented to columnar, FeatureBase further evolves columnar into a feature-oriented format that makes each distinct data value individually addressable (accessible, readable, writable and retrievable).

Our novel approach minimizes I/O on queries by allowing the database engine to read and write exactly the data it needs and intelligently compress that data in memory. The result is a step-function improvement in analytical workloads.

Key Cloud Features

  • Fully-managed database offering with simple “click to deploy” that avoids the pain of infrastructure procurement and maintenance.

  • Low-latency Database designed for queries across billions of records without impact from large ingest streams that are both inserting and updating records.

  • Graphical User Interface support for database sizing and creation, ingest configuration, and data exploration.

  • Programatic access to all Cloud features over HTTPS

  • Data ingest that allows you to push records when ready and without having to open up your datacenter

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