How do I create a Database?

This procedure explains how to create a Database in FeatureBase Cloud.

NOTE: You can also create a database with pre-loaded data

Before you begin

Trial accounts

Trial accounts are limited to one database.

Cloud database shapes

FeatureBase Cloud has the concept of “shapes” which are based on real-world implementations of FeatureBase and define:

  • How much memory is available
  • how much disk space is available
  • how many Virtual Central Processing Units (vCPUs) are available to perform ingestion and queries

NOTE: Production shapes are not available on trial accounts.

Naming standards

FeatureBase object names can must start with an alphabetic character, and include:

  • lower-case alphabetic characters
  • numbers 0-9
  • dash (-) and underscore (_) characters

  • database names can be up to 300 characters in length

Create database

  • Click Databases > New database
  • Name your database.

  • Choose from development shapes intended for testing:
Shape Memory (GB) Volume (GB) Compute (vCPU)
8GB-Development 8 32 2
64GB-Development 64 64 16
  • Or choose a production shape instead:
Shape Memory (GB) Volume (GB) Compute (vCPU)
32GB prod 32 100 12
64GB prod 64 300 24
128GB prod 128 500 48
256GB prod 256 1200 96
512GB prod 512 2500 192
1024GB prod 1024 5000 320
2048GB prod 2048 10000 576
  • Click Create database.

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