Streaming (HTTPS) Overview

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Before you start

Streaming data to tables

FeatureBase allows you to stream data into your tables using one source type called an “ingest endpoint”. The ingest endpoint configuration will create a persistent endpoint that allows you to push data over HTTPS. Each endpoint maps to one table within one database. If you have multiple disparate data sources, you may create multiple endpoints that push data to the same table. Once this endpoint is provisioned, you can stream (POST) JSON records to it using any method or tool that can perform HTTPS requests. The table below describes the current limits of streaming data in for each endpoint:

Category (Exclusive) Current Limit
Data Limit 1MB/sec
Record Limit 1000/sec


There are a couple of states associated with these sources that are important to understand. You will see these states as a “status” through the UI and API. The list of states can be seen below:

Status Description
CREATING The state of provisioning the hardware, installing software, and everything else in order to create a source. This will generally transition into the ACTIVE state.
ACTIVE The healthy state of a source that is ready to use.
RESTARTING The state of a source when an update is being applied. This will occur when the mappings are changed, hardware is being updated, software is being patched, etc.
DELETING The state when a source is being deleted and hardware is being spun down. This will generally transition into the DELETED state.
DELETED The state of a source that has been successfully deleted.
FAILED The state of a source when something goes wrong. This can occur for a variety of reasons. If you see this state and the source is ok to delete, feel free to do so. Otherwise, please contact us.


Streaming Data

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